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Full Mitre Connector

£4.40£12.00 exc VAT.
The Full Mitre Connector is designed for corner application when the landing is offset from the staircase. It is also

Micro Railbolt Connector

£4.99 £3.40 exc VAT.
Perfect for joining thin or narrow handrails end to end or a horizontal handrail to a newel post. The open

Newel Post Fastener

£18.99 £11.99 exc VAT.
The Newel Post Fastener is design for securing the newel post to the ground by either chemical resin if the

Straight Railbolt Connector

£4.99 £3.45 exc VAT.
For anyone who has ever assembled a staircase, the time saving benefits alone will amaze you! The new Open Channel

Straight Slipfix Kit

£8.65£20.95 exc VAT.
This is the perfect connector for landing applications when attaching handrail either side of newel posts Concealed Fixing -Eliminates the

Yellow Stair Connector Jig Kit

£29.99 £24.50 exc VAT.
Ideal when used in conjunction with the QT13.600 Straight Rail bolt Kit, accurate positioning is achieved every time allowing for

Zipbolt Angled Slipfix Kit

£15.99 £10.95 exc VAT.
This is the perfect kit for rake applications when attaching handrail between two fixed newel posts Concealed Fixing – Eliminates